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Key words: Triticeae, Elymus, a new species, Republic Altai.

Rastitel'nyj Mir Aziatskoj Rossii (Plant Life of Asian Russia), 2015, № 4, p. 36-40

New species of the genus Elymus (Poaceae) from the Altai Mountains

A.V. Agafonov1, E.V. Kobozeva1, B. Salomon2

1 Central Siberian Botanical Garden, SB RAS,
630090, Novosibirsk, Zolotodolinskaya str., 101, e-mail: agalex@mail.ru, ekobozeva87@mail.ru
2 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Breeding,
P.O. Box 101 SE-23053 Alnarp, Sweden, e-mail: Bjorn.Salomon@slu.se

A new species Elymus margaritae Agafonov, Kobozeva et B. Salomon (Triticeae Dum.) from Altai Mountains (Republic Altai) is described. Data on morphology and some molecular and genetic characteristics of the species are provided. On morphological characters it is most closest to E. komarovii (Nevski) Tzvelev. By results of the ISSR analysis the close relation E. margaritae with StY-genomic species E. fedtschenkoi Tzvelev and E. abolinii (Drob.) Tzvelev was revealed. The new species is distributed on the Krasnaya mountain (Ust-Koksinsky dist.), Katunsky Range and Ukok Plateau. The chromosome number 2n = 4x = 28 was specified.

Key words: Triticeae, Elymus, a new species, Republic Altai.