Академическое издательство «Гео»

Keywords: psammo-steppes, deflation, species, flora, phytocoenotic diversity, phytocombination, endemism.

Rastitel'nyj Mir Aziatskoj Rossii (Plant Life of Asian Russia), 2013, № 2, p. 99-108

The psammophilous steppes of the eastern coast Lake Baikal: peculiarity of the floristic and phytocoenotic diversity

S. Wika1, B.B. Namzalov2, O. Rahmonov1, V.A. Snytko3, T. Szczypek1

1 University of Silesia in Katowice, 40-007, Katowice, Bankowa str., 12, e-mail: swika@us.edu.pl
2 Buryat state university, 670000, Ulan-Ude, Smolin str., 24a, e-mail: namsalov@bsu.ru
3 V.B. Sochava Institute of Geography, SB RAS,
664033, Irkutsk, Ulan-Batorskaya str., 1, e-mail: vsnytko@yandex.ru

In the article there is a characteristic of psammo-steppes in three index plots (Katkovo, Bezimyannoe, Peschanoe) of eastern coast of Lake Baikal. In the phytocoenosises dominate not only species of psammophyte ecology – Bromopsis korotkiji (Drobow) Holub, Carex sabulosa Turcz. ex Kunth, Oxytropis lanata (Pall.) DC., but also mountainsteppe xeropetrophytes, like Artemisia ledebouriana Besser, Phlojodicarpus sibiricus (Fisch. ex Spreng.) K.-Pol. The analysis of typical phytocoenosises of psammo-steppes by the method of ecological ordination has brought out their peculiarities. In the result, psammo-steppe associations of Katkovo in comparison with other index plots on ecological conditions became more homogenous by structure and floristic composition. That is why there is the largest diversity of psammo-steppes, here developed ancient aeolian-deflation forms of relief. In vegetation marked all the basic stages of psammosuccessions with forming the constant by floristic composition and structure coenoses of psammo-steppes. The coenoflora of the psammo-steppes consist of 40 species of the higher vascular plants. The part of common species on this three index plots is 8 species (20 %). The originality to the flora adds the endemics – Craniospermum subvillosum Lehm., Astragalus sericeocanus Gontsch., Festuca rubra ssp. baicalensis (Griseb.) Tzvelev.

Keywords: psammo-steppes, deflation, species, flora, phytocoenotic diversity, phytocombination, endemism.