Академическое издательство «Гео»

Key words: assimilate ply, soil respiration, clipping, trenching.

Rastitel'nyj Mir Aziatskoj Rossii (Plant Life of Asian Russia), 2010, № 2, p. 40-45

Effect of assimilate supply on soil respiration
in a forest-steppe ecotone, Northern China

W. Wang

Department of Ecology, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, and Key Laboratory for Earth Surface Processes
of the Ministry of Education, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China, e-mail: wangw@urban.pku.edu.cn

Soil respiration (SR) is the primary pathway by which plant-fixed CO2 is released back to the atmosphere. Recent studies suggested that aboveground photosynthesis activity may affect as strongly as or more strongly on SR than soil temperature. We conducted a preliminary study to explore the effect of short-term assimilate supply on SR and to estimate the contribution of root-derived respiration to SR across 6 ecosystems in a foreststeppe ecotone, north China.

Key words: assimilate supply, soil respiration, clipping, trenching.