Академическое издательство «Гео»

Академическое издательство «Гео»

10 лет на рынке полиграфических услуг

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Plant Life of Asian Russia (Bulletin of Central Siberian Botanical Garden, SB RAS) publishes original research articles and reviews. The decision of publication is made by the Editorial Board after a peer review with regard to relevance of research information. Submitted manuscripts should concern functioning of the plant life of Asian Russia, its resource potential, introduction of plants and preservation of gene pool.

Outside contributors should submit a covering letter with recommendation for publication. Manuscripts should be sent in printed and electronic forms (e-mail, CD-disks, USB flash drive).

A hard copy should represent a full text (including illustrations) on A4 white sheets, in duplicate. The manuscript should not exceed 14 pages, including references and tables, reviews – 20, notes – 7 and current events – 3 pages.

Electronic version of the text must be in MS Word for Windows (doc or rtf-files).

It should be typed in 12 pt Times New Roman font, special symbols in Symbol. Paragraphs are not formated, nonindented, typed 1,5 space and no end-of-line hyphenated words. Top, bottom and side margins — 2 сm. Display and special characters are duplicated in the margins of the hard copy. Point is used in decimal fractions.

References should be listed at the end of the paper. References in the text are cited in brackets (name, year). Names of foreign authors must be cited in original and accompanied by a year of publication (Fray, 1957). References are sorted chronologically (Zavarzin, 1927; Shennikov, 1964).

Tables (each in a separate sheet) must have an appropriate heading and bear consecutive numerals cited in the text. Positions of tables in the text are indicated in pencil in the left margins at their first mention. All abbreviations used in the tables should be explained in the notes below.

Illustrations (figures, graphs, diagrams) and photographs (of high quality, on white glossy paper) are with captions in a separate sheet. Author(s) name(s) and figure number, as well as top and bottom are indicated in pencil in each figure overleaf. Illustrations and photographs are numbered in order of mention in the text. Their positions are indicated in pencil in the left margins (at their first mention). Photographs of the objects studied under the microscope must have a slide rule (length indicated). Originals of photographs and figures are welcomed. Illustrations (colour and greyscale) are scanned at 300dpi (1:1), line drawings – at 600 dpi and saved as tif file; vector drawings – as CorelDraw, AdobeIllustrator and Free-Hand files.

The manuscript is signed by the author(s), the date of submitting is indicated at the last page. By signing the manuscript and submitting it to the editorial board, the author transfers the copyright to the founders of the journal.

The revised version of the manuscript together with the original version are resubmitted to the editorial board by fax and e-mail. The editorial board sends the article as a pdf file to the first author. When proofreading the author can only correct mistakes, but cannot make any changes in the text. The articles that do not meet the above requirements will not be published. Articles published in the journal “Plant Life of Asian Russia” are free for all authors.

Review procedure of manuscripts intended for publication in “Rastitelnyj mir Aziatskoj Rossii. Bulletin of Central Siberian Botanical Garden, SB RAS”

1. All manuscripts submitted to “Rastitel?nyj mir Aziatskoj Rossii. Bulletin of Central Siberian Botanical Garden, SB RAS” are peer reviewed by the members of the Editorial Board or experts having publications (for 3 years) in a given research area.

2. The reviewers are notified that all manuscripts sent to them are an intellectual property of the authors and must not be subject to disclosure.

3. Reviews should be sent to the Editorial Board in printed and electronic forms within 10 days after manuscript submission.

4. Reviewers should evaluate manuscripts for importance of research subject, scientific innovation, scientific soundness of the results obtained and conclusions; make comments and accept or reject.

5. An author receives a copy of the revised or rejected manuscript.

6. If there is a need for revision, the article is returned to the author for correction. If required the article is reviewed once more.

7. In the case of rejection of the article, it is reviewed by another expert.

8. In the case of a disagreement, the authors have a right to give an educated reply to the Editorial office. In this case the manuscript is assessed again or is submitted to the Editorial Board for mutual approval.

9. A decision of suitability for publication is made by the editor-in-chief or his deputy, and if required, by the Editorial Board.

10. Reviews are kept in the Editorial office for 5 years.

11. Copies of the reviews are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on special request.

12. Editor-in-chief and Editorial Board extend thanks to a reviewer (first, second and last names, position, academic title) for cooperation.

Address of the Editorial Board:

Journal Plant Life of Asian Russia (Bulletin of Central Siberian Botanical Garden, SB RAS)
Central Siberian Botanical Garden, SB RAS
Zolotodolinskaya st., 101, Novosibirsk, 630090 Russia
E-mail: E-mail: exsecretary20@gmail.complaru@rambler.ru
Telephone: 8(383) 339-97-79; fax: 8(383) 330-19-86


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