Академическое издательство «Гео»

Академическое издательство «Гео»

10 лет на рынке полиграфических услуг

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Journal ”Flora and Vegetation of Asian Russia” was founded in April 2007.

The journal is in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific periodical editions of Higher Attestation Commission.

The journal is published under the aegis of Central Siberian Botanical Garden and is within reach of specialists of various institutions of Russia, countries near and far abroad.

The journal publishes articles on all aspects of general and experimental botany, introduction and acclimatization of plants. Priority is given to analytical, original research articles and reviews, as well as studies of practical importance. There is also information on conferences, meetings, proposals for cooperation, reports and notes. All manuscripts submitted are considered by leading specialists of both CSBG SB RAS and different Russian institutions.

The editorial board welcomes the cooperation of all concerned.


Обновлено: 08.09.2021

Издательство СО РАН ИГМ - Институт геологии и минералогии ИНГГ - Институт нефтегазовой геологии и геофизики список журналов академического издательства «Гео»